t a k i n g  e d u c a t i o n a l  l e a d e r s h i p  t o  a n o t h e r  l e v e l

Leader in Education: a Profession

Educational leadership is a specialist field. School leader is a profession. Evolving de­mands of the community, the growing pupil diver­sity in a continuously changing world and tea­chers with their own ideas about good edu­ca­tion are all challenges that have to be met in a complex organisa­tional and adminis­trative context.

Educational executives need to continually develop themselves professionally in order to lead edu­cators through thes­e challenges and help them find their way. In short, they need to create an environ­ment in which pupils can learn what they need to know and learn it well.

The main purpose of educational leadership is to further enhance student comprehensive lear­ning and equity, be it through individual leaders of differing levels or collaboration between educators and students.